Treat Trunk is a healthy snack subscription service which delivers snacks and treats directly to your door. They test hundreds of products to find the tastiest, healthiest snacks and curate a diverse selection each month. Their mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of people across Europe by making healthy eating and self care easier, more exciting and more important.

When Treat Trunk approached me they had a very successful and well established brand behind them, but needed help to expand this into packaging design that would capture the spirit of the company founded on humble beginnings with familial origins whilst also being playful and surprising.


Taking cues from their existing style, I created an illustrative collage of exotic motifs, cropped across a new line of food packaging and boxes. In addition to this, I also provided them with additional illustrations for use online, dovetailing them in with their current aesthetic.

The illustrative work is the most immediate expression of this brand and is beautifully composed with a bright, cheerful and distinctive colour palette.

Packaging design

Having such a good surface area in which to deploy bold graphic motifs was key and provides endless potential and exquisite combinations of colour and form that can be created. Being able to apply this level of creativity was useful in expressing unexpected flavour combinations, and offer something which was more visually distinctive and exclusive.



Being purely online rather than stocking in retail premises, this offered much more room to be experimental and helped build on their visual language and equity.

The result: A product line which was creative and very individual. Not needing to convey product-centric information, it afforded a freedom from certain industry conventions. Most importantly, the client was happy too!

What they said...

Hannah is a creative genius and a lot of fun to work with.  With a thorough process, she took the time to really understand our band resulting in the design of incredible looking products.

Sally Wade
Founder of Treat Trunk