ShareHarder is a subscription service which campaigners, online marketeers, and journalists can use to optimise the number of social shares and clicks their content gets.

Customers provide a webpage or piece of content they’d like to optimise, then upload several share images and descriptions.  ShareHarder tests these in realtime when the webpage is shared on social media.  It then analyses the results, and automatically selects and shows the winning combination, which can result in increases in conversions of 50-200%.


Keen to keep everything super simple, approachable and bright I opted for a clean design style with custom illustrations and icons paired with a dynamic colour palette. The result was a punchy looking site with a fresh visual language. 

Regular meetings were held to discuss the UX, design and content, allowing the project to evolve allowing for the optimisation of the key product pages but also effectively reduced the need for future changes.

What they said...

Hannah brings a real passion and energy to her projects. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her ability to consistently produce high quality designs is impressive. She is flexible with her methods and is able to see both the challenges and the opportunities with everything that we’ve thrown her way.

Richard Shakespeare
Founder of ShareHarder