Organise is a worker-driven network with half a million members. Organise provides the tools, support and confidence people need to improve their lives at work. Their online network exposed harassment at Ted Baker, won a pay rise for Superdrug warehouse staff and have helped hundreds of thousands of people call out bad bosses.

Having gained huge traction and support within the UK they aim to attract international attention in November 2021. Organise had outgrown their brand, and felt their logo in particular was too constrained and conservative. What they needed a modern, flexible brand that was memorable, impactful and created a spark of intrigue.


After running numerous brand workshops, focus groups and collaborating together, we were able to create a flexible brand that can adapt from solid colour or outlines, depending on the environment. I also developed an extensive colour palette with recommended combination values.

The new brand identity and website was launched September 2020 and has continued evolve and grow.



The 3D geometric shape gives a strong and structured appearance to the logo that asserts the idea of action. The trapezoid behind the lettering has a clear speech bubble depiction giving a nod to the connectivity and network of the organisation.


The branding identity needed to adapt to different environments, media channels, colours and sizes and with one eye towards a transatlantic audience.

Creating & Planning

My first mission began with diving into how they began, the journey they are on, their planned trajectory and the current pain points. I conducted a serious of workshops and focus groups not only for the branding but also focusing on the planning and designing of the website.

With the campaign pages being the main gateway into the organisation and the area of the site which saw the highest amount of traffic, it was vital that I designed a simple and frictionless user journey which allowed the user to not only find and sign up to campaigns but also create their own.


For this I designed a very simple 6 stage submission system that collected all of the relevant information needed to create a campaign. Thus letting the this part of the site grow and react quickly to the constant array of upcoming and incoming campaigns.

Campaign Material

Following the successful launch of the website, Organise went on to gain huge support for their campaign to introduce a basic income to get the country back on its feet after COVID.


They approached me to create a poster for this campaign which was to be displayed on digital screens around central London and Westminster to coincide with the 2021 budget announcement.

The petition to date currently stands at 137,103 signatures out of 200,000.

What they said...

Hannah is an absolute joy to work with, she led the rebrand of our company alongside a web redesign from start to finish and the end result is even better than I could have imagined. She really took the time to get to know us, how we work and what are values are, and we got to know ourselves better as a result!

I would recommend Hannah to anyone looking to get to the heart of their brand.

Nat Whalley
CEO & Founder of  Organise