Mote Android App

Branding concept for an Android App.

Mote was a self-initiated project by Android Developer Seren Matthews, after meeting at a tech event in Brighton we teamed up and worked on the project together.

Mote lets you explore, find and recommend interesting places, everything from nearby restaurants and cafe’s to quirky street art and pop-up markets. Using a similar model to Pinterest, Mote displays user generated content and curated collections of favourited and recommended places to visit, where ever your interests lay! Mote also identifies your position and allows you to see what’s near you, where the results are based on filters or a radius of search. The branding required careful consideration, with the best approach conveying a feeling playfulness and fun. We needed a graphic that would work in harmony with the name but also inject a bit of character and personality.

The graphic is a combination of a map pin, robot and an owl. The owl representing observation (and is often used to depict information and wisdom). The map pin is most heavily associated with location, maps and travel and is instantly recognisable. The robot gives the graphic its personality and assumes a persona whereby the name “Mote” is adopted and shared by the app and the graphic. The logo with the ‘O’ map pin and curved subtraction, makes the logo feel as though it’s nestled in grass or bobbing in the water.

Although the branding is complete the app is currently on hold due to a change in circumstances.