Monster Triathlon

Spanning 7 days the Monster Triathlon is the UK’s ultimate multi-sport challenge.

The Monster Triathlon originated within Sabre Trust, an Early Years Education charity working in Ghana. In September 2016 the Sabre Trust, (in conjunction with Tullow Oil plc) ran an eight-day event, raising a whopping £274,000. In 2017, WMP bought the rights to the event keeping Sabre as the charity partner for the event. The Monster, as it’s now known, consists of a 5km swim in Loch Ness, a 559-mile cycle over 5 days from Fort William to Windsor and a 36-mile run from Windsor to Richmond. This was the first year this event opened to the public and it needed a strong and striking web presence to start selling the tickets and promoting the challenge!

Aiming at an audience who are “challenge chasers” and already athletes in their own right we needed a design which was visually distinctive and bold. We developed a clean design with a strong graphical edge. The jagged subtraction, which features heavily throughout the whole of the design is indicative of hills and rugged terrain to reflect the diverse natural beauty of the course environment. Expanding this visual vernacular of trails is the robust type, simple colour pairings and subtle topographic map contour lines. The site is adapted to all resolution screens, being optimised for mobile devices and high pixel density screens alike by using vector graphics.