Limited Edition Vinyl Design

Vinyl album artwork for the folk singer, Clara Sanabras.

Clara Sanabras is a singer-songwriter, classical composer, folk musician and soundtrack performer. Clara has an impressive back catalogue of recordings, theatre and screen credits and features in many movie soundtracks including The Hobbit, Snow White and the Huntsman and The Hunger Games. She has also appeared at many international festivals.
Ahead of a new album launch, Clara wanted to release a special edition vinyl for the first single “Scattered Light”. Being firmly rooted in the folk genre, Clara’s strong online aesthetic was full of vibrant colours and striking illustrations. The design of the vinyl needed to be in keeping with this aesthetic.
The design uses a combination of rich colours, textures and custom illustrations which give it a provincial and charming feel. Being a limited edition and produced in small numbers, the handwritten lettering gives it an added personal touch.