Level Up is a new feminist community.

Their mission is to build a community of feminists who can work together to end sexism in the UK. Their vision is a world where women and non binary people can live safely, whether at home, work or on the street.

They needed a modern, flexible brand that highlights the journey they are on whilst also being an inclusive symbol of change, bravery and action. Aiming at an audience who care about gender equality who may not have read lots of feminist theory or been involved in activism, Level Up is the place for them. 


The Result

I created and brand and site design that cut sharply through the stereotype surrounding feminism, it was important to make campaigning look as fun and enjoyable as possible. As they work with many other communities and organisations, the identity needed to adapt to different environments, media channels, colours and sizes whilst also being eye-catching.

The designs were a complete success and along side additional campaign material which I also designed and created, they went on to gain endorsement from ISPO, AllOut and Greenpeace.


The geometric shape and 3D structured appearance gave emphasise to the idea of unfolding movement taking direct inspiration from paper origami. The tiered layering up of the shapes behind “Level” and “Up” was created to evoke a feeling of levelling up the status quo in a way that feels like a powerful shift.  Starting with a change in thought, a shift in mindset, followed by brave action.

Brand Guidelines

I also created brand guidelines for the team at Level Up, covering everything from logo usage, image treatment and typography. With an aim of increasing their members, supporters and endorsements it was vital that their branding could be easily reproduced consistently across campaign material as well as promotional and marketing collateral.

What they said...

Hannah was amazing to work with, she had the ideas and creativity to design and develop our brand from the ground up. Hannah had never worked with our remote developer team before either, but that didn’t matter as the handover was seamless. The distinctive branding and site design has been a huge success and we will continue to work with Hannah as Level Up continues to grow.

Carys Afoko
Founder of Level Up