Green Business Hub enables businesses and consumers to ‘go green’ in their everyday purchasing decisions. It is designed for ‘conscious consumers’ to research and make green or sustainable shopping choices; everything from loo rolls and household cleaning products to energy supplies, transport and financial investments. 

Aimed at targeting a very clear gap in the marketplace to focus on green and sustainable product/service solutions, Green Business Hub needed an eye-catching aesthetic. Steering well clear of marketplace cliches and gimmicks, it was vital that the branding be simple, yet convey trust and authority. 



The logo is set in the clean geometric sans-serif typeface Nevis Bold, teamed with a circular motif. The overall brand feeling was to appear lean, simple and clean with a focus on a positive and solution-oriented narrative. With a marketplace set to expand exponentially if the UK is to meet its self-imposed ‘net zero carbon’ emissions target, the brand also had to inspire the millennial generation to get involved with initiatives and businesses focusing on sustainable shopping choices.

Crucially, the branding communicates a clear environmental objective, either as a buyer or supplier. 


The Design

With a desire to express an approachable, playful yet credible positioning, I created a new visual identity inspired by the idea of cultivating a ‘community’ and fostering meaningful connections with like-minded, like-hearted businesses and ‘conscious’ consumers. This is characterised by the cheerful roundness of the typeface and the simple but distinctive structural design of the motif.  



The direction of the branding feels of the moment. The geometric leaning as well and the colour palette, type and iconography was chosen to offer as much longevity as possible with minimal reconfiguration needed over time. The Colour palette leans heavily in to the natural, favouring a familiar visual language of the organic.

What they said...

Hannah came highly recommended to me via an existing supplier relationship. In launching a new Eco focused online business platform we needed a strong visual brand identity. What impressed me was Hannah’s natural inquisitiveness to find out as much information as possible – particularly with regard to our B2B/B2C target market, their motivations and the need to appeal to both audiences equally.

Many creative/design studios struggle with an effective project management process. Hannah was clear at each stage what the key deliverables would be and the timeframes within which they would be provided. Hannah was able to manage my expectations perfectly every step of the way! I was very happy with the different creative options we were given – all of which met the brief!

I am delighted to say that we have an identity that we are entirely happy with. We have also been complimented many times on the finished product which says it all!

Martine White
Founder of Green Business Hub